Note: This is a sequel to getscraped101 and is based of the game Doki Doki Literature Club. I don't own DDLC or any of its characters, as they were created by Team Salvato.

October 23rd, 2006 Edit

This is just a blog to let you know about my daily life. It's nothing special, but I'm pretty sure you'll learn something interesting. Anyways, since it's 9:32 at night, I better head to bed and update this tomorrow.

October 24th, 2006 Edit

Hello everyone, Jay here! I am here to tell you that I am a big otaku. That means I love things from Japan, especially manga and anime (and don't think that word is used in a derogatory sense in this case, because I don't stay home all of the time) . My favorites are Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Azumanga Daioh, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Naruto. In fact, I watched a new series today, and it was BLOCK ROCKIN' AWESOME! I'm going off track, aren't I? Well, I am in a soccer team, and we won the playoffs! I can't believe that we made such an amazing accomplishment.. Also, I started playing Company of Heroes, and I was getting a good start as well. I believe I now have to wrap this up so I can do other things. This is Jay, signing out.

October 25th, 2006 Edit

I just received the strangest email from a user with no name. The email only included a download link saying "Japan". When I clicked it, a pop up window appeared, saying "Would you like to download ddlc.exe?" Figuring that "ddlc" was the name or abbreviation of the name of the game file, I thought for a moment. What do these letters stand for? Don't Download Lewd Content seemed likely, but I was not entirely sure. I downloaded the game, and once the process was complete, another pop-up came on the screen, saying "Thank you for downloading Visual Novel." Visual Novel? WHAT? That couldn't possibly the name of the game! I believed it might be the genre instead. I'm not that big of a visual novel fan, but considering my tastes, I think I would give it a go. I will plan on playing the game tomorrow, as I am going to a friend's birthday party. I'll see all of you the next day.

October 26th, 2006 Edit

This game is really cool, and cute! I booted up the title screen, which had a disclaimer that said "You must be at least 13 to play. Also, make sure you are accustomed to disturbing scenes. If you have both of these qualities, go ahead and start the game!" Since I fit both qualities, I eagerly started the game. 4 girls popped up along with the title screen while music played and a cheerful voice sang "Doki doki!". A pink circle with letters "Doki Doki Literature Club" and a few patches was on the top of the screen (so that's what DDLC stood for). The game was already endearing to me! The 4 girls in the title screen also looked really pretty, and If this was a "choice" type of game, I didn't know whom to choose! Then, I chose to start a new game.

With my character named Jay (like in real life), I read the text and watched the screen. One of the girls from the title screen appeared (the joyful-looking pink-haired one), and her name was revealed to be Sayori. She was apparently my childhood friend, and told me about the clubs in my school. There was no voice acting, but the characters changed facial expressions. After chatting for a while in the street, the scene changed to a classroom at the end of the school day. My character decided to pick up a club, first choice being the anime club. Before he could stick with that decision, Sayori came to the class and informed me about the club which she was in. The literature club, which I would be interested in since I loved reading, included 3 more members, and they would be happy if another one joined. I was really excited about this literature business, but I couldn't say the same about the game's Jay. He seemed reluctant in his responses, but decided to go the club anyways. Overjoyed, Sayori led him there.

The background transitioned into another class, which I presumed was the literature club. Desks were arranged in the room, an exit was located to the left, a few windows were placed to the right, and papers, books, a clipboard and a closet were situated in the back. Sayori, along with a few other girls, showed up on the screen. After a bit of dialogue and analyzing, I determined the girls' personalities: Yuri, the tall purple-haired girl, was very shy and sensitive and had trouble expressing opinions as she would feel ashamed, Natsuki, a girl whose hair was more pink than Sayori's, was  a "tsundere" type, switching moods often (e.g. pleasantly conversing with Yuri to angrily shouting "Manga is literature!" before sitting down, defeated), Sayori, whose happy-go-lucky personality was discussed before, was the vice president, and Monika, a brown-haired girl with green eyes, was the president of the club, being in charge of everything. I believe I'm getting too ahead of myself, so I'll tell you the stuff in between. When I arrived, Natsuki had made cat-shaped cupcakes in case a newcomer had joined. Then, girls introduced themselves, and told me their roles while talking. Then, Monika brought up an assignment for tomorrow: Poem-writing. We would each write a poem for any purpose and then present it to the class.

After the task was explained, a minigame appeared, with a text box saying "It's time to write a poem! Choose a word you think a girl would like, and put in in there." The poem game wasn't exactly what I expected: You couldn't type to create an actual poem, but instead there was a random assortment of words on a paper with "chibi" versions of the girls excluding Monika to the left side. I would have to select 20 words for my poem. When I clicked on a word, one of the girls would jump in excitement as if they liked the choice. (for the following sentence, each letter in parentheses stands for the first name of each girl's name) The words I chose were: Cloudy (S), delinquent (Y), doki-doki (N), boop (N), tragedy (Y), documentary (Y), futuristic (Y), simple (S), ominous (Y), kawaii (N), bestiary (Y), calamity (Y), fluffy (N), daze (S), cupcake (N), melody (N), medical (Y), pillar (Y), anomaly (Y), and photograph (S). Here is the information I gathered: Yuri seems to like fancy and big words, Natsuki likes cute words, and Sayori likes words between the tastes of the former 2. Yuri jumped for joy the most out of the three girls, so I guess she would like my poem more than the others when we present. I saved my game, closed it, and turned off my computer. It's getting late now, so I need to finish this blog. Also, to the person who sent me the game file: Thank you! I'm loving the game! Now, I will update this tomorrow.

October 27th, 2006 Edit

2nd day in, and this is a spectacular game! Once going through the title screen, I was back in the literature club. After a quick discussion with the club members, we started reading. Yuri gave me a copy of her book, which was a horror story, the genre she was interested in. The game's Jay was busy in his process, but after glancing up for a while, it felt like Yuri was...interested in me, as she was constantly looking at me while reading. Then, she said that she wanted to read with me, as it would ease her nervousness. To fit the situation, 2 desks were arranged to form a table, with her sitting on the left, and me on the right. At first, we read from our own books. Then, Yuri sensed that something was not right, and I decided that we should each read from the same book, with her holding it, and me being the page-turner. Now we were really close to each other, and I could feel a light fondness between us already. Even though her state was calm as usual, she seemed to have a merrier expression, and there was something about the way she said "The main character reminds me of you" that made me believe that she was starting to like me a little. She also got embarrassed when my character said a similar thing.

Next, I came over to Natsuki. She was rummaging through the closet, trying to find a book. She came across several volumes of her favorite manga, Parfait Girls. We decided to read the first volume. Natsuki explained that the literature club was the perfect place to read since her father wouldn't let her read manga at home because it was "too childish". A scene ensued with me and her sitting down and reading. Overall, it was a nice experience, but she didn't seem to like me as much as Yuri did, maybe because of her attitude.

Then, Natsuki made an insult about Yuri's sophisticated style, leading to the latter saying the remark was due to her cutesy, tsundere-like personality. This soon turned into a full-fledged argument, with both of them combating each other verbally, trying to prove their points. For some reason, I was dragged in and I had to choose which girl I needed to agree with. I thought about this for a moment. If I picked one, the other would not maintain a healthy bond with me. However, there was the option to call for Sayori, so I chose that. She showed up at the scene, and said that both of their writing styles were equally as good. That didn't seem to ease the tension, with both girls still continuing in their quarrel. She eventually explained that she doesn't like her friends fighting and does not want any instability, just peace. Natsuki and Yuri apologized to each other and sat back down in their seats. Monika said that Sayori was Vice President because she is not that confident with handling these sorts of things, and that she needs someone to help with that, Sayori being the perfect choice.

It was poem-sharing time, so I decided to share with Sayori first, simply because I thought that since she was my childhood friend, she would know my style. She enjoyed it, and said it was a "good read" and would like to see more. Then, she brought up hers: a poem titled "A Friendly Reminder to my Sunshine", in which she wrote a letter to the morning about how helpful it was. It was comical and symbolic at the same time. Next up for me was Natsuki. When I shared it with her, she reacted in her typical attitude, rating it "okay" but also judging me for my style when my character has barely read literature before. Her poem was called "Monkeys Can Climb", a short poem with 8 lines. It was simple, but also had meaning, with the last 2 lines: "People can try, but that's about it.", meaning that everyone has their strengths and faults. Following her was Monika, since I decided to save Yuri for last because she would let her thoughts sink in more so she could spend more time with me (he he he). The club president also gave a well review on the poem. Hers was entitled "The Hole". It was an interesting read, with more mysterious context than the others. Finally, it was time to share with Yuri. Seeing that the choice of words fit her preferences, I was not surprised when her face lit up with a few seconds. However, seeing that she doesn't share opinions well, her facial expression changed to worry and she looked away for a while before my character explained that he understood her, relieving her. The poem was named "Ghost Under the Light". It was a bit creepy, with hints of paranormal actions and the feeling is enhanced with the stylish words. Yuri became anxious again, but Jay (character) calmed her down, leading her back to normal. Afterwards, Monika announced the daily poem assignment, and we went home.

For the minigame, I decided to go for Sayori this time. My word choices were: Joy (S), wonderfulness (S), moe (N), sunset (S), elucidate (Y), play (S), morning (S), lucky (S), color (S), vacation (S), grand (Y) twirl (N), ocean (S), shame (S), hop (N), poetic (Y), forgiven (S), adventure (S), pain (S), and bliss (S). I couldn't wait to see Sayori's reaction once she reads my poem! Anyway, this the end of the blog for now, and I'll see you tomorrow.

October 28th, 2006 Edit

I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen in this game. Just saying, but I will tell you more about that soon. It was meeting time again. While we did our practices, I met up with Sayori, who was at the closet. She was busy finding supplies for an upcoming festival. She finds crayons, drops one, and as she tries to get it, goes into all sorts of accidents. Feeling thoughtful, the game's Jay put a carton of apple juice on her head because it was something cold to soothe the pain. When it was time to share poems, I started to fear what would happen later.

When I showed Sayori my poem, she liked it, but didn't react in the usual, merry way she did. She seemed more downcast than usual. Her poem was bittersweet in contrast to her first shown to me, being titled "Inside this Bottle" and is an allegory to how she spreads joy when she's around, which grows gloomy at the end when it seems like she sometimes can't make everything happy. Yuri liked it as well (more than last time), and shared a poem to me, "The Raccoon", which describes her encounter with a raccoon while slicing bread, complete with fancy words. Natsuki reacted more positively this time, apologizing for her rudeness and saying that she shouldn't have judged a book by its cover. Her poem was called "Amy Likes Spiders". It talked about someone who hates his or her friend Amy simply because she has a passion for arachnids, which was another story that tells of human error. I had to show the poem to Monika last because she was late after practicing piano. After giving another favorable review, she shared her poem.

This is when things started to get weird.

It was titled "Save Me", and detailed an experience of a person stuck against a flashing background of colors and an endless array of sounds. It felt normal, until the very last line:

"Load Me"

What did this mean? Who would I load, and why would I load it? What will happen if I load whoever the poem is speaking about? After a minute of confusion, I decided to continue.

With her signature "Okay, everyone!", Monika notified us about the next poem task, and we did so after the meeting was over.

I wanted to spend time with Natsuki the next day, since I would give every girl a chance. My words were: Cute (N), sparkle (N), pal (N), poof (N), daunting (Y), rainbow (S), style (N), kitten (N), doom (S), beauty (N), wiggle (N), caricature (Y), anime (N), roll (N), funk (N), manga (N), shadow (Y), messy (N), prefer (S), and glint (N). I wonder what will be going on with me and Natsuki tomorrow. Also, I need to figure out the meaning of that poem, and why Sayori was not too gleeful. These answers will come to you the next day, when this blog will be updated!

October 29th, 2006 Edit

Things are really starting to tense up here. When I arrived at the classroom, Sayori was most definitely not herself. She was simply staring at her desk, not doing anything else. When I asked her if any problem was troubling her, she replied no, and said that she was simply feeling a little down today. Hoping she would get better soon, I continued on. Monika approached her and decided to talk to her about her gloomy mood.

Surprisingly, after that, I was put directly into poem-sharing time. I chose Sayori first because I wanted to know what was wrong with her. She received my poem well, but when asked about her dilemma, she started tearing up, and asked why I didn't spend time with the others. I responded that I would try to spend equal time with all of the girls, but then she excused herself to go home and left the building. What was wrong with Sayori? Did something happen to make her react this way? Putting my worries aside, I shared with Monika next. After giving a pleasant review to my piece, she shared hers, "The One Who Knows All". It told of a woman who has all of the knowledge in the world, but was proved not to be real. Next up was Yuri. She defined the poem as "spectacular" and gave me constructive criticism on how to improve my writing. Her poem was called "A Beach". It was a descriptive verse about what would happen on a beach. She explained that Natsuki and her decided to write about the same topic, albeit in different styles. With one girl remaining, I showed it to her (N) and she actually praised my writing much more this time, given the fact that I used mostly words she likes. Her beach poem was "I'll Be Your Beach", using the location as a metaphor to love all throughout.

Monika announced something different from the regular job: there was a school festival coming up in a few days. We had to make sure we did our best, so each person was put in charge of something. Yuri would create decorations for atmosphere, Natsuki would bake cupcakes, and Monika would print pamphlets to promote the literature club, with Sayori helping her with design. Another choice came up: Who would I help in their work? I analyzed the options: Monika's task was the easiest, having to print brochures, and Sayori was already assisting her. That left me with the 2 other girls to choose from. Yuri's decoration job was not too bad, and I assumed that she might be able to handle it due to her mature nature. I could tell that Natsuki really enjoys baking, and has fun while doing so, but why not lend a hand? After all, today was our day to spend time with each other. I chose her, and she agreed with my decision with a thrilled expression. Now I wonder what will take place with me and her. Monika did not assign a poem-writing activity today, which was very out of the ordinary. We were just sent home. The suspense started heightening when Sunday came around.

Ever since the course of events that took place the other day (the game didn't mention the actual days until Sunday), I decided to check on Sayori. When I arrived at her house, she was upstairs in her bedroom, idling on her bed surrounded by the same plushes she has had for many years. When I asked what was amiss, out of her mouth came a spoken revelation that would change my view on her forever. She stated that she has had depression for her entire life, and that she hid it behind her jovial temperament. Sayori further explained that whenever she played with me in our childhood years, she wasn't really happy; she was just trying to spread joy while secluding sorrow beneath. The truth really shocked me. A person is friends with someone else forever, only to reveal that she was really crestfallen inside. That's just heartbreaking! Jay tried to comfort her, but her pain only got worse as she started sobbing that she was worthless. He (I) then hugged her, shook her and told her to snap out of it and that she was special because she seemingly brought happiness wherever she went Eventually, Sayori settled down and calmly told me that it's "just the way it is". Due to how bad the difficulty seemed, I offered to spend the entirety of the festival with her and even missing out on the appointment with Natsuki. I was told by her that it was okay to spend time with her, but not all of the time because everybody deserves time with each other. Heeding the advice, I decided that I would help Natsuki with baking anyways. I said goodbye to Sayori and went on my way home.

When I got to my house, Natsuki arrived a short time later. We got started on baking cupcakes. She clarified that to make the literature club, the treats would have words inscribed on them, and people could pick the one with their favorite word. I messed up with some steps, but thankfully she helped me with them, being a bit assertive. Then, she tried to get me dirty with icing in a playful manner, and I attempted to avoid the stain. Before long, I was holding by both hands, on top of the floor. Then, Jay did the unexpected. He licks the icing off of her finger. Natsuki reacted to this in disturbance and chagrin, turning red all over. The matter was settled soon and we finished up with baking. After that had happened, Natsuki said that she really wanted to spend more time with me. Another disturbing secret was released-2 in one day! She expressed that she wanted to do that her father was a very cruel man. He wouldn't allow her to do certain things, such as read manga, in her house, or else she will be punished very badly. He also malnourished her by not giving her food enough and abused her often. If she stayed here longer, she would experience the burdens of her home for a shorter time. I thought Sayori's depression was bad, but this was far more twisted than anything that had happened so far. It disgusted me to think that a father would not give his daughter the love and care she deserved, but instead made things worse. Afterwards, we went outside and as we were saying our goodbyes, Natsuki moved closer to me. She took me into her arms and was about to say something when Sayori showed up, interrupting her. The former became agitated, and left for home. The latter started to cry and asked why I spent time with Natsuki. I told her it was because of the promise she had told me the other day, but she took it back, and then made a confession. She loved me, not just as a friend, but as actual love interest. After all the time she has spent with me, Sayori would rather be partners with me forever. Then there was a choice to accept her love or not. I chose yes, of course, because why would I let my childhood friend and now-lover down?

Jay's response?

"I love you."

It cut to a scene with the game's Jay, who had brown hair, and Sayori embracing each other in front of my house. Tears were streaming down the girl's eyes. One thing struck me as odd, however. One of the clouds looked just like a space station or satellite. I believe the shape was intentional, but what was the purpose of it? As they shared the love with each other, we had a lovely chat now that we were a "couple". Then, hesitantly, she said farewell, and went back to her home. After that, I closed the game. This game was starting to get really depressing, and I fear that it could get worse. Also, when I was walking to the store, I swore I saw a pink-haired girl with a red bow in her hair waving at me and saying "Hi!". I didn't think much about it at first, but when I thought about it a little more, that girl seemed to resemble Sayori. Even her voice was cute and bubbly, with traits that would fit her. Then, I figured that my knowledge of the game was interfering with reality, and that the look-alike was just a figment of my imagination. Then, again, if it wasn't real, I would have not heard her. I came up with a clear explanation: Since the game might be out there, the girl might be cosplaying as Sayori for fun. With that set aside, I planned on playing tomorrow. This means that I'll see all of you again when the day comes. This is Jay, saying good night to all!

October 30th, 2006 Edit

I-I...don't know how...let's just say, things got much, much worse. It was the day of the festival. Sayori was absent, and Monika stated that was due to her bad depression and all of that stuff. What made the game's Jay really nervous was that the former has not answered his phone calls for a few days. Adding more to the worries was Sayori's poem turned in before her departure. It had no title, and most of the lines were "Get out of my head" repeating, expect for the last 7:

"Get out of my head before I do what I know is best for you.

Get out of my head before I memorize whatever she said to me.

Get out of my head before I show you how much my love means to you.

Get out my head before I finish writing this poem.

But a poem is never actually finished.

It just stops moving.


This very passage sent chills down my spine. The apprehension was starting to grow on me. I believe the poem was Sayori trying to forget about Jay, but there were a few things I needed to think through. Who was "she" referring to? What did "she" say to her? Why would Sayori forget about Jay if they confessed their love to each other and became a couple? Is there some sort of symbolism in the last 2 lines before "GET OUT"? Before knowing any of the answers, Jay excused himself and went straight to her house. He knocked on the door. No answer. The only choice was head inside, uninvited. He opened the door...nothing could prepare me for what I saw next.

Sayori was in her bedroom. She was standing, but not on the ground. She was standing on air, but how? She was suspended in the air by a rope. Where was the rope tied? Around her neck. And what was Sayori? DEAD.

You heard me right, Sayori was dead. She apparently hung herself with a noose and suffocated to death. There was blood on her fingers, as if she was changing her mind at the last moment. I felt like I wanted to throw up and pretend this scene never happened. Then a realization came to me. "It just stops moving." Just like Sayori right now. "Get out my head." She got out of the world. That poem was supposed to represent her final moments before her death, and before I knew it, her stone-dead face was zoomed into, and that's where the glitches started happening. The title screen music played, but changed in pitch drastically and was cut off after a few seconds. Then the background changed from the bedroom to the title screen, with the hanging Sayori still in view. Glitched character sprites popped up in several directions while static played. The bedroom appeared again, and the static stopped. Then, the screen turned dark. It seemed as the game's Jay was lamenting the death of her, thinking thoughts like "Why did this have to happen?". He decided to stick with it and move on in life. Then, I was greeted with a screen containing the letters,


This was the end already? What a somber and morbid ending to a video game! I thought this was going to be all sunshine and rainbows with a few rain clouds in between. Boy, was I wrong! Jay's childhood friend started saddening day after day and eventually hung herself. What kind of an end was this!? If only there was a way to stop her death. Thinking that there would be a way, I booted up the title screen, and it was the same as usual, except for one thing. Sayori was missing from the picture, and in her place was a glitched sprite of Monika. That's when I thought "I've had enough!" and decided to play the game the next day. Another coincidental occurrence happened today. I was busy watching the news when one of the stories came up. The headline was "18-Year Old Girl Hangs Herself". A news reporter spoke "Emily Patterson was found in her home dead today. She was hanging from a rope, and her fingers were bloody. She struggled with depression through her life, and eventually it got the better of her, leading to her death. Emily was known for dressing up as characters from various franchises on a daily basis, and that made her special. She will be missed forever." My cosplay theory was true after all. Unfortunately, the cosplayer herself was dead. The most unnerving thing about this was that she died in a similar way to Sayori: hanging with bloodied hands. Cause of death was due to intense depression. I was starting to get creeped out, and hoped that life will be normal again. November 1st will be my first day playing the "glitched" version of the game, because Halloween is tomorrow. Anyhow, this is Jay, signing out.

November 1st, 2006 Edit

Halloween was a blast! I went to a haunted house and there was a demon animatronic that was surprisingly realistic. I also saw people dressing up as characters from DDLC. I figured the game was started to be more well known, but I started to not think that when all the people who came across them didn't know their costume characters. (I stayed away at a distance, feeling scared from the 30th) I have been talking way too much about the game now, so I decided to mix things up a bit. However, I might change this blog's main purpose into talking about that Doki Doki Literature Club game being mentioned a lot recently. In fact, more information on it will come next.

I started the game, and it went back to the Sayori introduction scene, but she was unsurprisingly absent. Her name was a jumbled mess of symbols and characters. Then, the glitched Monika sprite appeared in place of her. The music started looping, and the game started the scene again. The dialogue was different, however, and there was absolutely no Sayori. I was curious about what was going to happen at this point. It cut to the school, with Jay meeting up with Monika this time. Unable to resist her sweet personality, he gave into her request of joining the literature club. Everything was going normal, but part of the game was bugged. At one point, Yuri's sprite changed to a reddish version of her for a split second before going back to normal. Also, static occasionally filled the screen. Other than that, the playthrough was regular. After the poem announcement, the minigame started. Sayori was missing there as well, like she was completely eliminated from the game. I decided I would go for Natsuki first this time, so I wrote the poem with the following words: ecstasy (Y), papa (N), marriage (N), dazzle (N), sugar (N), fantasy (N), concern (Y), bubbly (N), carol (N), warm (N), mouse (N), adorable (N), bashful (Y), lazy (N), cheeks (N), squeak (N), giggle (N), wandering (Y), shine (N), and cuddle (N). Then, a pop-up appeared saying "You have unlocked a special poem! Read it?) The only option was yes, so I clicked it, and the following text appeared:

"I told you to do it,

but did you listen?

Of course not!

You went ahead and continued like it was all fun and games

but someone ended up getting hurt.

18 years of life wasted.

You should've stopped.

None of this would've happened if you did.

What a disgrace to the world.




Leave. Forever."

The message was not a poem at all, and left me perplexed. I thought it was talking about Sayori at first, but when I took another look at it, it seemed it related more to something else than to her. The manner in which it was presented seemed like a furious real-life person scorning me for playing. Also, Sayori was never confirmed to be 18 years of age, but if I recall, Emily, the girl on the news, was that age. This game couldn't possibly be mentioning her; how would it know? This was just another disturbing fortuity to add to my life.

When the next day came by, nothing was normal at all. The screen was tilted, and it would get more lopsided as time passed. After the 2nd day intro scene, it was time for the "reading with Yuri" scene. It was same as before, except that her expression changed into some sort of smirk during one of her lines. Then, there was the "reading with Natsuki" scene. It was normal right until she started talking about her father, saying in bold text "My dad would beat the s*** out of me if he caught me doing this". Then, she started dozing off, and before I knew it, she collapsed, her eyes and mouth turning into black swirling pixels and the music becoming louder. I was startled a little, but I continued playing because this was nothing compared to what I faced 2 days ago.

Afterwards, the argument scene came. As was expected, it was the usual fight, but then it grew intense. The soundtrack started speeding up and raising in pitch. Static started appearing and the screen was darkening. The two girls were much worse than before; they shouted obscenities at each other and the subject of self-harm was even brought up in there. I had to make my decision now, and there was no time to waste, because the game zoomed in on the choices. Suddenly, Monika popped up on the screen, and the game faded to black. It cut to outside the club, with her facing me. She stated that even though she was president of the club, she didn't have the confidence to settle very extreme arguments. Straightaway, Natsuki runs out of the room, seeming to have hurt feelings. We enter and find Yuri seeming distressed and apologizing for what she may have done. The girl was then calmed down, but before anything else could happen, the music started looping, and the screen turned to black.

In an instant, I was now speaking with Yuri, with absolutely no transition. Then, it showed a glitched close up of her face several times in between conversations. on a black background with lines of text. The 1st time, it read "Somewhere Is A Key To My Harm That Will Solve Everything". "I die" was shown on the second. Thirdly, the text said "Who cares about that stupid, obnoxious brat anyway? Gone FKGGYURIRGU". The fourth time was the most terrifying, with a text box spelling "Nobody would cry c if shhe killed self. He he he. Hah. Epceri Taher Ide HAHAHA WFJIEg" I couldn't even decipher the meaning of Yuri's words because during that last one, a splatter of blood appeared on the screen, which apparently came from her eye. I nearly jumped out of my chair, startled at what I was seeing. Then loud static was heard, and the game cut to the usual background with Yuri, who was now bleeding from an eye. Nothing strange happened after that, but soon something bizarre would happen, I was sure.

Then, it was time to exchange poems. Yuri liked my poem, but said that I could do better due to my word choice. Her poem was the same as the 2nd day from the "original edition", "Ghost Under the Light". Monika gave an alright review to my poem, and since I didn't know which words she liked since she wasn't present in the poem game, I didn't know how to appease her more. Her poem was a continuation of "The Hole", entitled "I Saw, I Felt", reaching deeper into the reality of the situation. Natsuki gasped in amazement as she read mine and was extremely overjoyed to share her poem. I wasn't that excited, because that poem was "Monkeys Can Climb", the same from last time! Oddly enough, the game skipped the usual announcement of the assignment and cut straight to the poem minigame. It got worse, as when I attempted to click a word, a text box appeared, saying "GO GET SCRAPED" and the game immediately started picking words for Natsuki, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. After all 20 were selected, a crude drawing of Sayori hanging was shown for a split second before cutting to black. The whole sequence was unnerving and disturbing, especially with the ending sketch, but it was all over so fast. I decided that was enough for today, so I saved and closed the game. Thankfully, no real-life coincidences have happened, only the one in the game. It's late, so I better go to sleep. This is a worried Jay, leaving the blog for now.

November 2nd, 2006Edit

Hello again! Nothing out of the ordinary happened today until I continued THAT GAME. This whole literature club things is getting on my nerves now. When I opened DDLC, a message appeared:

"Best Left Unplayed"

I believe this was a warning not to play the game, but considering the stupidly curious person I am, I didn't close the game and let it be. The title screen showed up, but it was much more disturbing. All of the characters including Sayori were there, but not in normal form at all. The background was black and white, and the characters were too, except for the gray-black hair and clothes, and their eyes. Oh god, their eyes. They were pitch black, nothing else. All of the characters were staring into my soul with those empty sockets, and they seemed to enjoy it because they were smiling. I hightailed it out of the game immediately, but my exit was cut short by another message:


The game then closed. These text boxes were prompting me to delete the game, but I didn't want to. I wanted to find the truth of this mystery, and ridding of the game will leave me with barely any evidence of it. I opened the game again, and the title screen was regular this time. After I loaded my game, the special poem text appeared, and then I read the so-called "poem":

"I was once told that life was real.

It was a thing you had to live to the fullest.

I believed it, but one day, I didn't.

Everything seemed strange, as my surroundings seemed off.

They seemed like...paper.

That's when I realized I could only do certain things.

I could feel whatever I want, but the physical limitations were endless.

My body joints only fixed to an angle and did not bend or curve.

I turned to see my surroundings, but I just couldn't.

I was kicking and screaming, begging to get out of this limited place, but it was all in my mind.

Eating and drinking were absent from me.

How would I survive without these processes?

Suddenly, it came to me that beyond the sky in front of me was a large glow, faintly shining in the distance.

I looked back at the tools I utilized in the past.

This is when I realized

Nothing is real."

Whatever this was speaking about, it really chilled me to the bone. I started pondering what it would be like if nothing was real, if I could feel those pains forever. My thoughts were once again interrupted by something, this time a loud static blaring from the headphones I was wearing. The screen showed said white noise, and fowarded to the 3rd day. The game decided I should spend time with Yuri, leading me to a scene i hadn't seen before. Yuri was planning to read with me again, and decided that she should get tea first. After filling cups with tea from a dispenser in the room, we sat on the floor to read. I also brought chocolate candies we could eat while reading. I offered Yuri one, but she was immersed in her book, although her lips slightly parted. Hesitantly, I put the chocolate in her mouth, where she suddenly blushed of embarassment as she swallowed it. She then stood up as fast as lightning, bringing her up with me. Yuri turned off the lights and stared at me intently. She said that all she wanted to do was stare at me, and she moved much more closer to the screen, with her eyes becoming wider and bloodshot red. Even more frightening for me was that I could hear her heart pounding and even shallow, silent breaths. The suspense the event produced was turned on its side when Monika came in and turned on the light. Yuri appeared to be worried, and hurriedly went to a nearby seat.

Then, the club president gave me advice for the day, but as she was stating her guidance, I noticed something that I hadn't before. While the three other girls seemed to be looking in some sort of direction, Monika's gaze was fixed straight. On me. Upon the realization, I grew nervous and became more spastic in my actions. In fact, I almost completely missed her saying "Don't forget to save your game, because you may never know if something tense is about to happen!" It wasn't until I went to the save file screen and checked an option called "Dialogue History" that I found out. What was this!? Was Monika aware that she was in a game, or was this just some computer-generated speech put to her? This couldn't be possible. I decided to slow down my pace in case I skip something crucial.

Afterwards, poem-sharing time came. I showed it to Yuri first. She didn't seem too impressed, but ranked it as "well done" anyway. Her poem was not that of the raccoon, but something different, called "A Wheel". I don't think it should be considered a poem, because it consisted of bizarre phrases and concepts (e.g. God disproving the existence of God, snakes protruding from a wandering gearbox in forty-three directions). Afterwards, she claimed that she found a pen that fell out of my backpack and wrote the poem with it. She seemed really grateful to create work with one of my objects, which made me wonder if she was starting to go crazy. Pushing those thoughts aside, I selected Monika next. She liked it as always, and shared hers. It was "Save Me", but there was glitchy text all over and a deep mumbling could be heard in the background. Strangest of all was that instead of "Load Me" at the end, there was "Delete Her". What "her"? How and why would I delete her? Apparently this game has a habit of preventing me from thinking, because when I looked back at my computer screen, an inverted Yuri's face was facing me and shaking while a buzzing sound played. I couldn't even give feedback on her poem because I was put back into the sharing selection menu. I had no choice but to choose Natsuki. This is where all the fear in my heart was released and surrounded my body for the remainder of the day.

Natsuki read my poem, and her eyes light up. She stated it was better than my previous one, and the proceeded to show hers. It had no title and was a jumbled text consisting of random numbers, letters and code. After sharing, the screen shone a dark red and the background grew dull. Then, she spoke the following text:

"Freakin' Yuri.

Who cares?

You have absolutely no time for that creep.

Not even Monika can be with you now.

Because you need to be here

and play with me.

Come on, play with me!"

As she talked, a distorted xylophone tune played and ticking noises could be heard. The terror in me was amping up even more when blood started pouring from her eyes, which became glitched pixels. She continued:

"You know you want to.

I realized just how much I loved you.

My life is now better, because you.

So I want you stay.

There's no point in going back and preventing your actions.

It's too late for that now.

You need to play with me.

Play with me!


At this point, the music abruptly came to a halt, and the worst of all happened. Natsuki's neck snapped, and her mouth turned into a wide grin, with the blood and pixels vanishing, leaving me with nothing but an eyeless, smiling, tilted face to look at. i started breathing heavily in fear of what might happen. Then, the screen faded to black, and text appeared. It was "END" but in reverse. This was the end? Why does everything have to end so badly? All of a sudden, the widely grinning Natsuki with her neck snapped appeared and lunged forward with a deafening roar. I screamed out of shock, completely not expecting the moment. Then the game closed itself.

Remember where I said my fear had surrounded me? This was only the start of it.

After the game closed itself, the computer ran out of battery, and I couldn't even charge it because immediately after a power outage occurred, and t make things scarier, it was 8:00 in the night, so imagine how it must feel when all of the lights go out in an already dark setting. My hear beat like it never did before. I wandered around the house, searching for a flashlight. That's when it happened. A banging could be heard on my window. I looked out, and saw what I thought was nothing, but then I saw something that sent my fear skyrocketing to a new level. It was a figure. But it was no ordinary figure. It had no features. Nothing. And it was completely dark. A shadow was knocking on my window. My fear of the unknown overtook me and I ran up the stairs, went to my bed, hid under the blankets and cowered until the banging stopped. Now this is where I am wrapping the blog up. I'm not even going to end this properly, because who knows what might happen?

November 3rd, 2006Edit

I really don't want to play this after what happened. However, I will upload the link to a transcript of the game that I have compiled from the data, which apparently reveals that it was made in 1998. I don't know how long this game might have haunted peoples' lives. Maybe next week, I might update this when I play DDLC again. This is Jay, and I'll see you all...hopefully.

For the transcript, click here.

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