You will play lots of games.You will first experience a haunted game!



Info about each game below

Game info.Edit

  • Sonic.exe: A haunted sonic cartridge. Who knows what awaits you in this game?
  • Ruins of Sorrow: Escape the Ruins of Sorrow with Klonoa!
  • Legendary Fight: Choose 2 Legendary and/or Mythical Pokemon to battle each other. Try to let yours win!
  • Battle Giygas: Defeat Giygas
  • Play Crossover: Explore a world where you can play as many different characters.
  • The Bike Game: Bounce on your bike to avoid obstacles.
  • Slender Forest: Collect all 7 pages in the forest without dying.
  • Winnie's Ride: A game that takes on the classic the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride!
  • Exploration of Space: Travel through the Solar System and make it back to Earth alive.
  • Mario Party: Play as a variety of characters as you compete on boards to win the most stars.
  • The best rpg!: Make your way through many areas, meeting new characters along the way!
  • Hub Base 1:Battles: Battle it out with a wide array of characters in these 9 stages.
  • Feed the Rabbit: All you need to do is feed the rabbit, that is all.
  • Sunic: Da HedgeHawg!: Control SAWNIK and attempt to stop Eggman's evil plans!
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