This page is full of strange and random stuff. You might laugh, or not. You might be surprised, or not, or find this bizarre, or not, or stay, or leave, or not, or contemplate why I am saying or not too much, or not, or not, or not, or not, or not to the power of not, to the power of or not times or not divided by or not, plus or not, minus or not, which is the square root of or not, ore not, or not cubed, divided by or not divided by zero WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111ONEONEONEHUNDREDANDONEELEVENONEMILLIONONEHUNDREDELEVENTHOUSANDONEHUNDREDELEVENONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, you'll most likely find this weird.

The Things Life Decides to Give You Edit

  • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
  • When life gives you limes, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO TELL THE TIME AGAIN MUAHAHAHA!
  • When life gives you bananas, feed it to a monkey so it will follow you for the rest of your life. (At least until it dies :( )
  • When life gives you plantains, slap someone with it >:)
  • When life gives you sticks, slap the plantain with it.
  • When this list is given to you, whether it be by life or not, ……….you've probably wasted a whole bunch of time.

Kirby? Edit

Great Cave Offensive

Nintendo Employee that Named GCO: I'll take a great cave and call it OFFENSIVE!

Person 1: But why is it offensive? There is nothing "offensive" about it.

Person 2: But offensive also means "having to do with attacking".

P1: There isn't much attacking; that's what the Arena is all about.

P2: True, but there are a lot of enemies in the Cave, so it guess it kind of makes sense.

P1: But does that mean that The Arena should be called "Great Arena Offensive"?

P2: ………...good point.

P1: Also Kirby is Indiana Jones!

P2: Where?

P1: In the intro.

P2: He's not Indy, he's just wearing an explorer's hat.

P1: Maybe a lost ability?

P2: Wait...lost ability? Hmm...

P1: That could mean...


The closest to Indiana Kirby was the Whip ability.

One of these images is not like the others. Edit

Facts about something Edit

Augustus was one of the emperors of the Roman Empire.

iPhone was invented in 2007.

You are either reading this on a phone, tablet, iPad, computer, laptop, desktop, or something else with a screen.

Trees grow in the ground.

You are most likely human.

This is called "Facts about something".

A penny will NOT kill someone when dropped from the Empire State Building, and won't derail a train.

So far, the things we've done are: Introduced this page, stated things that life can give you, pondered about the Great Cave Offensive's name and switched to Indiana Jones, searched for a different image, and now we're just listing facts. What's next, another heading will appear?

You are correct. Edit

Dang it. Now, let's continue the facts!

Your painting is staring at you, I lied.


WIki mascot

pointless subheading Edit

Even More Pointless Heading. Edit

super pointless. Edit

Pointless, PoInTlEsS, the pencil, is ppooiinnttlleess Edit


Exit Edit

What will come next?

zoo story 2Edit

zoo story 2


Well, explain THAT!

Your pino is albython

Tigroceros and Hydra F YEA!

Lag is plentiful.


Falcon.....SAWYER! I mean PUNCH!

Amazing Technicolor Lizard!

Gimme the otter, gimme the otter



Ultimate Chimaera

yabby yabby yabby he's the one you should know, yabby yabby yabby he's the star of the show he is blue and things blah blah blah...….rattle MONKEY, comin at ya???



Mario Kart Wii!




Altitude does not compute in the BATHROOM!...…….



This photo does not have any relevance to the page. That's what makes it random.

One time, long ago, in the faraway land of Gerstandgizforlorntisihuminawrantzburgtownvillecityextrainsertnamehere, Z Metropolis for short, an eraser suddenly grew legs and ran around. He entered the quiet Crescentia Valley and found a few deer. But oh no, he was not an eraser, but he was a ghost! Nothing happens. So he turned into an eraser, and.....a man picked him up and threw him in fire the end. NOT, you thought this would be the end with many more lines to go? Then he did kickflips in the air while on a pogo stick, writing notes on a silver broken abacus and wearing a coconut crab as a hat, all while shouting " BARDS! YOU NEVER GAVE ME THE PAPER I REQUESTED! NOW, YOU WILL NOT PAY, BUT YOUR KING MOST DEFINITELY WILL, 555 DOLLARS! If you don't I'll steal your N64 and punch you with the controller. Just kidding, but I will steal that console if you don't PAY! AAARGHGFJJGFJKGFKKGKGG WHATS UP IM LEAVING TO BADLANDS AND I WANT A CAULIFLOWER TO GARDEN HELLO AND, GOODBYE TOOTALOO SCOOTALOO BYE! NO." The king paid his $555, only after the man stole his Nintendo 64! He fed it to Kirby, which also did nothing and the creature ran away. Next, the king said "Dinner." and exploded. The man decided to run a lemonade stand, and up waddled a duck, it said "Got any grapes?" No, the man didn't say no but rather led him to a patch of grape bushes that he could eat from every day. The man for some reason ran from Z Metropolis and made the Teletubbies, four binturongs, Navi and Osaka drink his lemonade, saying to them "ITS FREE! no pay now." But the yellow cat from Osaka's fantasies came and the man ran, ran so far away, couldn't get away and the cat said "Levititus, wish I were a bird.....Simple, howareyoufinesankyou." The man shouted, "DEOXYRIBONUCLEICS DEOXYRIBONUCLEICS DEOXYRIBONUCLEICS DEOXYS SAVE ME, SAVE ME HEROES PLEASE!" He exploded, and then the cat, and then the ones who were fed lemonade, and then the duck, and the grapes, and the king again even though he already exploded, and Kirby, and the coconut crab, and the eraser, and the ghost and the deer and the guys who sing I get knocked down and deoxys and then all of the things on Z Metropolis. End of the world, but not the end of our world. End of story. Not the end of this long run-on paragraph. THE END, for real this time. end

THIS 555 WON'T LEAVE! or did it? no?

Yes, it did.

The Looping Backpack Song Edit

When I go to school,

I bring a heavy backpack.

A wear that item

instead of a tattered old sack.

Sometimes it hurts,

so I take it off,

but then it doesn't,

so I put it back on,

but then it hurts,

so I take it back off,

but then it doesn't,

so I put it back on,

but then it hurts,

so I take it back off,

but then it doesn't,

so I put it back on,

but then it hurts,

so I take it back off,

but then it doesn't,

so I put it back on,

but then it hurts,

so I take it back off,

but then it doesn't,

so I put it back on,

but then it hurts,

so I take it back off,

then it hurts, but I leave it on

and finally I arrive home

where I take it off.

Until the next day...

And more! Edit

Doodododdo dodod ododododdodooododo

IMG 1209

Pokémon Fusion can lead to hilarious design and names.

An electronic slider will burn at the temperature of Fahrenheit 856493590. Note that this facts false. (but then it isn't a fact?)


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