"Excerpt from a local newspaper:




After weeks of unexplained killings, the ominous killer is still on the rise. After evidence was scarce, a young girl by the name of Paula states she survived one of the killer's attacks and bravely tells her story."

"I had a horrible nightmare and woke up in the dead of the night," says Paula. "I saw that for no reason my window was open, even though I remembered it being closed before I went to bed, so I got up and shut it once more. After that, I simply crawled under my covers and tried to get back to sleep. That's when I had the feeling that someone was watching me. I looked up, and nearly jumped out of my bed. There, in the little ray of light, illuminating from behind my curtains, were a pair of eyes. These weren't any normal eyes; they were dark, ominous, bordered in black and that....just plain out terrified me. But then I saw his mouth. A bleeding black smile that made every pixelated hair on my body stand up. The figure stood there, watching me. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he said it. A simple phrase, but only in the way a madman could speak.

He said, 'Go To Earthbound.' I screamed, which sent him at me. He pulled out a baseball bat and aimed at my heart. I fought back, used my psychic powers, trying to knock him off me. That is when my father busted in. The boy threw the baseball bat, which hit my dad's shoulder. My father would've probably been finished if one of the neighbors hadn't alerted the police.

They drove towards the parking lot and rushed towards the door. The boy turned and sprinted down the hallway. I heard a smash, similar to breaking glass. As I exited my room, I saw that the window towards the back of my house was broken. I looked out to see him vanish into the distance. I can tell you one thing: I will never forget those black, bleeding eyes and that horrid smile. They will never leave my head."

"Police are still on the look for this boy. If you see anyone who fits the description in this story, please contact your local police department."

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