I HATE WHEN MY BADGES ARE LIKE THAT!I HATE IT,I HATE,I HATE IT!I HATE,I HAT,I HA,I h,I, !Tiggers now like honey,but don't like Goozerk:He likes Cosmopia,but does not like Neonic.I like Cosmopia,too.Comsopia is a mix of cosmic and Fantasy.And Neonic is a mix of Neon and Nyan Cat.NOOOOOO NEONIC IS COMING FOR US!BECAUSE NYAN CAT WAS IN THERE!Luckily I have another Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn so I could be defended.Ok enough of this nonsense.BUT I STILL HATE IT!0/1 IS THE WORST!Uh oh,more nonsense.That creepy virus skull I saw in the end of a video.......too scary,watch it.It.Is.Called.Top 10 most devastating viruses,on YouTube.So here are reactions of that.Wait I mean hating 0/1

What other people think


What I think,in case of I HATE 0/1,shame on me


My rage


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