So,Diego and Mega Mario turned into scientists,creating Meta-Bowser.He was trapped in some capsule.Diego said he was here to help him,and Mega Mario said to test the experiment.Meta-Bowser heard the voices,and broke free.Diego said something to grab him,but he was too powerful.Then he exploded the Helicopter Factory,which was the place he was made in.Then he waved his hand to cause a storm.Diego and Mega Mario flew into an island and the true friends saw it.Mario,Sonic and friends said them to join them.They were led to a stadium,which Meta-Bowser was there.He said the clones of Mario and friends were better than the original,and he also said that it was useless to battle him.Super Mario finally spoke up.He said it was not going to end like this,and the Toads said he is ours!Then Meta-Bowser caused Super Sonic and Super Silver to fight.Mario punched Meta-Bowser,but failed.He tried to punch him again,but was throwed onto a wall,saved by the Iron Knight.Then The Iron Knight dodged Meta-Bowser's attacks,but failed on the last dodge.Then he attacked Meta Bowser.Then both of them fighted,made a crash that splitted all of them,Made a blast.Then Mario stood up.He was angered,so he said both of them to stop.Meta-Bowser did not care,so he shot a blast.The Iron Knight wanted to deafeat Meta-Bowser,so he shot a blast too.Then Mario turned into stone.Meta Bowser said he was a fool.Everyone except Meta Bowser cried and maked him come back to life.Super Silver and Super Sonic stopped fighting.Super Sonic throwed Meta Bowser away onto a mountain.Super Silver tried to attack The Iron Knight but said to forgive him because it was Meta Bowser's fault.Luigi spoke up and said it was the best day ever.Daisy spoke up too.She said that the cat luckily had not said a word.Then the cat spoke up.She said it was off-task,and Daisy and the cat began to fight.


  • Diego and Mega Mario as Scientists
  • Mario and Sonic as Ash and friends
  • the cat as togepi
  • Luigi as Brock
  • Meta-Bowser as Mewtwo
  • Daisy as Misty
  • Iron Knight as Mew
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